Gulyaev Roman Scala Developer

Hello my friend!

I'm Scala developer for 5 years. Click Here and you will find a few example projects.



This App gives opportunity to get minimum percentage of waste after cutting. It can be any material and one or two dimensional cutting. You can set sizes of material sheet and billets. After you will get result as SVG file. Also you can upload text file with your billets list for test this App online.

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Window's Constructor

This App for drawing windows or other constructions with different materials. This is a little part of big project. It can be used by manufacturers of plastic constuctions or any.

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Arkanoid with Scala/Akka

Arkanoid App developed with Scala/Akka. It uses 2 Actors and WebSocket.

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Web Crawler

Simple App which post your query to Google and get phones from first page of result

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Bin packing

This App shows Fit decreasing algorithm in work.

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It's coming...

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My name is Roman Gulyaev

I am 29 years old and I work in different information technologies for many years

I am Scala/Java Developer for 5 years

My eyes are always open for new technologies

Development, creation new products and solutions - it's my life

I would be happy to put my experience in your projects and help you

If you have any questions or ideas about my projects contact me below


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